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Mar 07

The internal goings on of a cell make for Bjorks new video. What you see in this video is your own cellular composition at magnification of about 4 Million times , zooming in from blood vessels to cells to the cell membrane, through transport proteins, across the cytoplasm and organelles, to see DNA being read and repaired, and then transcribed, copied out in full to form new copies from sympathetic single strands. The proteins you see doing this are a very specific arrangement of DNA, folded and collapsed into a very specific formation, which  been mapped and unfolded and analysed down to the atomic level. This is happening in every one of your cells, constantly. Billions of times over. So, for the billions of times this is happening in each of your cells, think of the billions of cells in your body. Think of the billions of bodies on the planet. The human cell is a wild and staggering  ecosystem of its own, and you are made of them.  They are constantly turning and twitching and making themselves anew. Cells constantly replace eachother, with you never noticing. Over the course of seven years, every single cell in your body will have been replaced by a new one. For high-turnover cells like skin and intestines, you can have a whole new set within weeks. Oh, and this is happening in every living thing. Ever.

Oh, i’ve missed you, science, you fucked up, beautiful, son of a bitch