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Apr 22

clocksandkeys asked: HEY YOU STUPID JERK. i haven't seen you in forever. HOW IS YOUR STUPID JERK FACE?!

Dear buttsmell,

i am writing you this letter to tell you that you smell like butts. And that you like to smell butts. Buttsmell. I just thought you should know. Everyone else does. We all think you smell butts, and smell OF butts. Smelling butts probably makes you smell of butts.

You’re a butt.


Mar 29


Meet the first couples to tie the knot after marriage equality took effect in England and Wales last night. Congratulations, all. (via BBC)

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Mar 28


All this 80s indie sounds like shit to me,
'Cus I don't like Joy Division, I don't like Morrissey. 

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triinblin asked: i quickly looked through the library of your Bristol lab's youtube videos, but I didn't see you presenting one. Did I miss anything? It's crazy how one of the guys is a natural superstar in front of the camera! (fire walking guy)

The one i’ve recorded so far is still in editing, may end up getting rewritten and rerecorded, but when it’s done you’ll be able to see me chatting about detecting radiation from outside our galaxy as it collides with our upper atmosphere to create gluons, which decay almost instantly into gluons. Because space. And Ross is the frontman, cameraman, soundguy, scriptwriter, editor and uploader of pretty much all the videos. He’s bloody good at it too. Drop him a comment, let him know. Sure it’ll be greatly appreciated.

Mar 24
I didn’t get that these two posts were unrelated at first. Skimming through, i thought it looked like a before and after of a drone strike. Turns out to be nothing to do with eachother, but oh well.

I didn’t get that these two posts were unrelated at first. Skimming through, i thought it looked like a before and after of a drone strike. Turns out to be nothing to do with eachother, but oh well.

Mar 21


You were not born with the ability to fly, cure disease or communicate at long distances, but you were born in a society that endows you with these capacities. These capacities are the result of information that has been generated by humans and that humans have been able to embed in tangible and digital objects. This information is all around you. It is the way in which the atoms in an airplane are arranged or the way in which your cell-phone whispers dance instructions to electromagnetic waves. Pantheon is a project celebrating the cultural information that endows our species with these fantastic capacities. To celebrate our global cultural heritage we are compiling, analyzing and visualizing datasets that can help us understand the process of global cultural development. Dive in, visualize, and enjoy at Pantheon: The Ghosts of Information Macro Connections

Mar 19

triinblin asked: Hey dude! How's life? What are you up to now and are you in Bristol still? What's the life plan hehe? Hope all is well and you're happy :)

Hello there yourself. Life is ongoing, which is a good start. Let’s see… what i’m up to now includes

  • A pending housemove to the other side of the centre, outside a sizeable park and a straight cycle to work which is perfectly placed for my pending 25th birthday
  • Helping a coursemate from my masters, wait, hang on,
  • I’ve officially graduated from my masters course meritoriously! Silly hat ceremony some time this summer
  • There we go, helping a coursemate from the MSc with their ongoing coursework in the process of writing and performing a science based stand up segment, such as the ones i’ve done for science showoff. Which were basically dickjokes and suddenly shouting in someones face, with some science on the side. People liked ‘em.
  • Getting into the habit of going to the gym, cos that’s a thing. Trying to find a day off when they’re doing their kettleball instructional sessions, which is a little tricky seeing as
  • I’m working pretty much full time in At Bristol science centre. Which means i turn up, pretty much play with toys for 8 hours, talk about what the best bits of my day were and go home. Learning all kinds of rad space stuff, chemistry, physics, and i’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary there. PS: our youtube channel is blowing up, got something like 23,000 views in the last two weeks. Hopefully going to get my massive face on screens soon.
  • In my spare time i’m learning some new stuff on guitar, and hopefully on the cusp of buying my dream guitar. Hopefully. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.
  • Taking the time to actually read books too. Which i feel like i didn’t do for ages, for some reason, but i’m trying. Makes a break from constant Game Grump videos.
  • One of those books is How to code an Android App for Dummies. Hopefully going to have an alpha up by the end of the year. I gots plans.
  • The life plan, for example, is to keep doing all this great stuff, and do more of it. Learn more, do more, make more. I am hungry for more.

I am well. I am happy. How’re you?

Mar 01
How do I get started in something?
How do I get better at something?
— (Seriously, if there was a shortcut we’d all be using it)

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Feb 21

If you’re ever feeling like you dont know what to do with your life, remember that Ninja Brian is also a lecturer in Theoretical physics and string theory in London. So…

Jan 28

This album, though.

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